RELEASED: GXml 0.4.0

I'm pleased to announce immediately availability of new version of GXml.

Version 0.4.0
- Added Examples (Richard Schwarting)
- Improved Build system (Daniel Espinosa)
- Windows crosscopilation support (Daniel Espinosa)
- Added/Improved Serialization Framework (Richard Schwarting, Daniel Espinosa)
- Added missing License (Richard Schwarting)
- Renamed DomNode to Node (Richard Schwarting)
- Added Unit Tests (Richard Schwarting, Daniel Espinosa)

Known issues include:

- Requires Vala 0.20

About GXml:

GXml provides a GObject API for manipulating XML.  Most functionality is provided through libxml2.  Currently, GXml  provides the DOM Level 1 Core API.

Home page:

Mailing list:
gxml-list gnome org

Download source code:

Git repository at:

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