OpenGL on GTK


I'm a little confused about the state of OpenGL integration in GTK+. I want to use a GTK+ 3 widget that allows me to draw using OpenGL in Vala. How do I go about this?

  • gtkglarea seems to provide this and supports GTK+ 3 since the latest patch, but it does not have Vala or Introspection support.
  • Tarnyko's patches to gtkglarea provide this with the Vala support, but were not merged into master, see here.
  • Tarnyko mentions there also is a GTK+ 3 port of GTKGLExt being worked on.
  • I've read some things about Cairo OpenGL support. Is there a good way to get an OpenGL context from Cairo?
  • What about OpenGL integration directly in GTK+? That seems to be planned for the future.

Thanks in advance,

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