Re: A bug or a screw up?

Thanks for the links, which explain a couple other oddnesses I've found since I went to 3.10.


On 05/07/14 13:26, Emmanuele Bassi wrote:
hi Chris;

it worked in the past by "accident": every widget had its own cairo
context. in GTK+ 3.10 we changed that so that every widget shared the
same cairo surface and context, and the ::draw() signal always got the
context with the correct clip and transformation matrix appropriate
for it. if you want more information, you should read the blog post on
the GTK+ drawing model:

and this bug:

both should explain the issue and the fix.


On 7 May 2014 18:03, Chris Moller <moller mollerware com> wrote:
Yep, that did it.

And to think I stuck that in just to guarantee a known initial condition...

Still, It didn't used to work that way, and I'm not sure it should, but I'll
leave that to the maintainers.

Thanks a lot--I've been tearing my hair for three days over this.

On 05/07/14 12:50, Nicola Fontana wrote:
Il Wed, 07 May 2014 09:22:48 -0400 Chris Moller <moller mollerware com>

Is there something new I'm missing?  It didn't used to work that way.

I just removed what seems wrong to me (cairo_identity_matrix) and it
appears to work the way you want.


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