Re: GtkIconView performance issue

On Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 03:25:24PM -0800, Brian Marshall wrote:
At around 500 rows in
the model, I'm having a performance problem. As the thumbnails are
generated, I update the model, and that causes GtkIconView to spend
around 400 ms doing something each time. The UI becomes really slow to
respond, and especially scrolling the IconView is very stuttery. After
all the thumbnails are done and the model isn't being updated, it's
super smooth.

Yes, I have noticed this too in gnome-{documents,photos}. See:

The way we work around this is by avoiding having to show 500 rows at
once. We batch things in groups of 50 and as the user scrolls down we
let her load another batch. That and letting the user search the data
so that she does not have to browse through 500 or more items to find
what she wants.

It might also be worth looking at what nautilus does.

Also, it seems to happen when changing window focus.
GtkTreeView, however, is fast.

Sounds like:


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