request for help for those who cannot speak clearly but who Can type

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        hey guys,

        now that my shoulder keeps giving me severe plain, And because 
        I am rapidily closing in on the "death decades", I need for help
        with my "VBC" [voice by computer] program.  it mostly works;
        a main error is that words typed and spoken twice.  VBC needs 
        other help--switching from male to female voice fails on the
        menu line.  and it needs to be explained more clearly.  [ I
        used to be a writer and editor--freelance--so I can complete 
        the "Help" drop-down once my shoulder is rested.

        but, in short, are there anny C and gtk-3 hackers  who can help
        me?  I'll put your names first  and/or take my name off.  I just
        would like to see this program finished before my time is up!

        the tarball is around 11k when gzipped.  I'm not attaching it
        because most forum-ware slice off things that arent in the
        body of the email.

        thanks much,


        ps: yes, there are computer-savvy folk who can type FAST.

 Gary Kline  kline thought org  Public Service Unix
             Twenty-seven years of service to the Unix community.

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