Re: Building GTK+ 3.0 with Visual Studio 2013

Hello Fan Chun-wei,

I finally succeeded with the Hexchat GTK stack. I advise every beginner to use Hexchat builds. It is quite easy if you follow the guide thoroughly.

But unfortunately this is restricted to GTK+ 2.0. So thanks for your reply. I will try it to implement your instructions for version 3.x.


Am 10.02.2014 05:29, schrieb Fan Chun-wei:
Hi Syed,

For building GTK+-3.x with Visual Studio 2013, you can follow the steps outlined in Please pay close attention to the notes for each part, in particular the GNOME (especially Cairo and GTK+) parts (i.e. those that you get from Use a recent CMake version when you come to the items that use CMake as the build system, so that Visual Studio 2013 can be supported on the spot. When you start building the following items:

It is recommdended that you do the following: Go into the build/win32/vs10 (build/win32/vs11 for GLib, msvc/win32/vs10 for Cairo), find instances of VSVer in the property sheets and change its property value from 10 (or 11) to 12 (or change instances of vs10 to vs12 for Cairo) prior to opening the Visual Studio Solution files for the build.

Hope this helps.

With blessings.
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