A Question On Gtk Menus

Gentle People:

A question on GTK menus. Following the examples found on the internet my menus
are created in the C main() function block.

Now after block main() is successfully completed and drops into the function gtk_main()
is it possible or allowed to change the menus created above?

    My experiments indicate that I have been able to (outside of main):
1) Delete or append menu leaf entries.
2) Delete entire menus.

But I have not successfully been able to append complete new menus and their leaf elements.

I have an application that based on menu selections I would like to read some files
and create (append) entire new menus and their leaf contents.

Also the same situation exists for Buttons is it possible to add a button outside of main().

If this possible can you please post a simple example or URL pointer to an example.

Thanks for the help.
Thomas Dineen

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