Re: How to get Gtk::Stock::APPLY icon back in 3.12?

On Sun, 2014-08-31 at 16:10 +0200, Stefan Salewski wrote:
I have used the green checkmark icon button up to 3.10 release.
(in toolbar, )

Since 3.12 it is not available any more, for a fast fix I replaced

# minor_grid_select =, Gtk::Stock::APPLY)

with these two lines

@minor_grid_select =
So it works again, but now I have a blue "cross" icon. I am not an
artist, so I do not want to draw my own icons. Is there an easy way to
get the green checkmark back?

OK, after some googling I found a solution -- hope is it good enough.

Instead of the green checkmarks now I am using plain radio buttons:

@major_grid_select =
@major_grid_select_item =

And toggle buttons in toolbar are now made this way:

@grid_snap =
icon ="list-add-symbolic", :default_fallback => true)
@grid_snap.set_image( => icon, :size => Gtk::IconSize::IconSize::MENU))
@grid_snap_item =

And the items are added to the toolbar.

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