Problem with viewing code in Gedit


I write code in Gedit. I watch or edit C/C++ code nearly every day, and
I recently I worked with files in which indentation is done using
spaces. So far I've been using tabs because they solve a serious
indentation problem which makes nontrivial C/C++ code very hard to read,
and it probably applies to any code.

The problem is that I use a non-English locale, and lines containing
only { and } and considered local language lines, since they don't
contain any English letters. The space width is different, so the
{ and } don't appear in the right position.

I didn't touch any settings, just install a distro (tried Debian and
Fedora, both with Gnome 3) and opened a file with Gedit.

This file demonstrates the problem. It's a PDF but it looks just like
what I see in Gedit (could be an screenshot image if it fit the screen):

Is there any way to make the system use the same space width in both
languages? Or consider the whole document as English, even lines
containing only { and }?

This also applies to characters, e.g. these lines:


Have a *huge* length difference. The second one is more than twice as
long as the first, because the English / is wider than the Hebrew /. I
didn't change any settings, just use the default font used by Gedit.


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