librsvg-2 undefined reference error


I am attempting to compile (with gcc on Win64) a C program that contains the functions rsvg_handle_render_cairo() and rsvg_handle_new_from_file(), both of which result in "undefined reference" errors from the linker.  I have included rsvg.h and rsvg-cairo.h (my distribution predates its deprecated direct inclusion), and I have set-I, -L, and -I command line options to point to the cairo, pango, gtk-object, etc. include and library directories and files on which (I have been informed) librsvg depends. 

The only library file in the librsvg-2 distribution I'm using (librsvg-dev_2.26.2-1_win64) is librsvg-2.dll.a.  Should there be a .lib or .a library file that defines these functions?  Why else wouldn't the linker "see" these functions' definitions?


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