Re: glib vs. gdbus-codegen: file collision

The problem is really that you are trying to install two packages which
are just not parallel installable.

The solution is to not install the gdbus-codegen package.

For a bit of clarification, the gdbus-codegen package was a
rather short lived module, and it's unfortunate that people might
have installed it on their system, also unfortunate that it was
not created as egg-dbus-codegen or using some non-glib
invasive namespace.

However nothing can be done about that now, just use
gdbus-codegen from glib.

Got it, many thanks Tristan.

- Grant

The latest glib from git (glib-9999 on Gentoo) wants to install 2
files which are also installed by gdbus-codegen:


glib-9999 also has a failed patch which might be related:

* Failed Patch: glib-2.35.x-external-gdbus-codegen.patch !
* ( /var/lib/layman/gnome-next/dev-libs/glib/files/glib-2.35.x-external-gdbus-codegen.patch

Does anyone know what's happening with this?

Problems with Gentoo packages should be reported to Gentoo, please.

Of course, but I mean to report a problem with compatibility between
the latest versions of glib and gdbus-codegen.  They both install the
same files:


The Gentoo info was just extra context.

- Grant

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