DND destination target list's purpose?

Hello list.

I don't understand the purpose of widget's destination target list. With the source target list it's quite clear: the widget which emits "drag-drop" signal can analyse the list of target entries of the source of DND transaction and choose and get data for one of them (BTW can it sequentially get data for multiple targets within the same transaction?). So the destination widget is the one to check the source target list.

But who analyses the destination target list of a widget? I know that gtk_drag_dest_set() is needed for making the bame accept DND drops. But why then we need a whole list of targets for that? A flag could suffice. Or maybe GDK, before commiting the drop, compares the contents of source and destination target lists and seeks common entries, and once found notifies the widget about the drop occurred?

BR, Vitaly Kirsanov
skype: vkirsan

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