Re: OT: tcl/tk GUI app

Στις 17/1/2013 23:23, ο/η Fred James έγραψε:
My apologies for being somewhat off topic (OT), but I don't know where else to turn (your pointers in that arena would be appreciated as well).

I am trying to learn some GUI programming and what is readily available to me is tck/tk, and I have a (very) little experience with it.

I want to open a dialog to choose a directory, and then put that choice into a variable to be used by another action.

So far I can only get the dialog
set dir [tk_chooseDirectory -initialdir ~ -title "Choose a directory"]
which works fine in and of itself, of course, but I haven't been able to use the result for anything as yet.

Any help you may be able to offer would be appreciated. Thank you
Fred James

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if {$dir ne ""} {
# your action here...

What is the action you want to do?


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