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If you are using the version of Glib <=2.32 then apart from doing gdk_threads_init you also need to do  the following before doign gdk_threads_init()
            if (!g_thread_supported())
This will prevent deadlocks if GUI commands are passed from multiple threads...

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 9:21 AM, Phillip Susi <psusi ubuntu com> wrote:
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I'm having some trouble with a multithreaded gtk app ( gparted ) that
I'm hoping someone can help shed some light on.  From what I have
read, you have to call gdk_threads_init() before entering the main
loop, and then call gdk_threads_enter() in the background thread
before making gui calls, which I am ( and gdk_threads_leave() after ).

Now sometimes I see a deadlock and when I inspect via gdb, it appears
that the background thread is trying to show a dialog box which is
trying to emit a signal which is trying to invoke a closure, which I
think puts a message in the queue and waits for the main loop to
process it.  The main loop however, tries to acquire the gdk lock when
it wakes up ( I think? ), and so it blocks because the background
thread is holding it, and now you have deadlock.

I also sometimes get an Xlib assertion failure that seems to be
associated with gui calls in a non gui thread, but I am calling
gdk_enter_threads() before making gui calls in the background thread.
 So what's the deal?  What do you really have to do to have a
background thread issue a pop up message box?

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