GLib: in GIO, GFileAttribute namespace "thumbnail" and "preview" doesn't work

I wrote a test program here.
GFile* file = g_file_new_for_path (file_name); //filename is read from 

    GError* error=NULL;
    GFileInfo *info = g_file_query_info(file, "standard::*,thumbnail::*,preview::*", 
                                            G_FILE_QUERY_INFO_NONE, NULL, &error);
    if (error!=NULL)
        g_print("get_icon error: %s\n", error->message);
    if (info != NULL)
        gboolean b1=g_file_info_has_namespace(info, "standard");
gboolean b2=g_file_info_has_namespace(info, "thumbnail");
        gboolean b3=g_file_info_has_namespace(info, "preview");
b1 = 1,
b2 = 0,
b3 = 0.

So my question is how to enable "thumbnail" and "preview" namespace(or how to use "thumbnail" and "preview").

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