RE: setting a dialog to popup instead of toplevel

Thank you for your response.

> > I'm working on the linuxcnc project using Pygtk 2.6-
> >
> > The operator screen I am working on is in fullscreen.
> > When we use gtk.FileChooserDialog(), the menu bars show.
> What do you mean with menu bars? If that is gnome-panel (or
> equivalent) this seems to me a window manager issue. I've yet
> encountered this problem while using the oroborus wm.

Yes the bars on the very top and bottom. Using Gnome 2.30.2 Ubuntu 10.04

> > I have discovered that setting dialogs to popup instead of toplevel
> > fixes this problem. I did this in the GLADE file (for a different dialog) .
> This is a bad work-around: see the doc [1] for more details.

Are you referring to the comment about the limitations of using popup
rather then toplevel (the window manager ignores it) that doesn't seem
to be a big disadvantage that I can see at this time.

> Furthermore, GtkWindow:type is a construct-only property and
> gtk_file_chooser_dialog_new() does not give access to that
> property, so (if you really wanted to) you should use something
> like the Python equivalent to:

Thanks I'll see if I can figure that out

> But I'd try to use a proper fix instead, such as setting the
> keep-above flag on the parent window and specifying it as parent
> for the filechooser dialog. If not working, I'd check if I can
> modify the behavior on the window manager side by using wmclasses.

Yes I was surprised and annoyed by the behaviour.

I simplified the situation somewhat, for ease of conversation.
The filedialog is part of another building block and so I will not always
have control of it's parent window.

I know nothing about wmclasses so I will do some research.
Of course the other problem is the end user can change the window manager
so I am looking for a solution that will work no matter what.
Thanks again
Chris M

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