scrollbar/slider settings in gtk 3.6

since updating to gtk 3.6 on my ubuntu laptop running raring, there
have been changes to scroll behavior esp when mouse cursor touches

one change was due to default of new setting primary-button-warps-slider

the other is that sometimes when i move mouse cursor via laptop
touchpad in or near scrollbar trough, WITHOUT holding down any
buttons, and with 2-finger scrolling option DISABLED, the linked
widget will scroll as if i was dragging the thumb

so i am trying to find out if there is some corresponding new slider
setting that might account for this unwanted behavior

specifically, i want to learn if there is any (new) provision in gtk
3.6 code for  enabling the user to perform a scroll by just moving the
mouse, while not holding down any buttons (maybe some kind of mouse
wheel simulation?) and if so if there is some way to disable it a la
the warps-slider setting

more generally, i wonder how i could obtain an exhaustive list of
attributes and values which can be used in the swttings.ini to affect
the appearance and behavior of gtk widgets

where for instance is this primary-button-warps-slider attribute documented?

i feel like some new pupil at hogwarts trying to discover all the
possible spells i can use

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