Got a pixbuf problem, but only with the app I really need to run

Greetings all, first post;

I have a Microsoft LifeView hidef USB camera that works well with cheese, 
fails miserably for camview.

I get an instant error when I launch camview:
gene shop:~$ camview -c mycamview

** (camview:1997): WARNING **: Unable to load pixbuf

Error loading chain from file!

And camview appears to be working normally otherwise except no camera video 
is coming through.  I took a screenshot and posted it on my web page (in 
the sig) at the Genes-os9-stf/LCNC link, the 2nd snapshot there, so you can 
see the same thing I am.  The machine, not this one, is an intel D525MW 
atom based board, setup to run linuxcnc using ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS, and this 
camera is to be used for machine vision.

Can anyone suggest a way to make the pixbuf work on this box? 

Its intel onboard video and from what I am being told, is working on this 
same motherboard elsewhere on the planet.

Cheers, Gene
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