Re: glib: processing events in multiple threads

On 30 April 2013 10:30, Patrick Ohly <patrick ohly intel com> wrote:
In my case, I'm normally processing some data in a thread using library
calls, then when it finishes I want to display the data to the user.

That implies going fully multithreaded, including explicit passing of
information back and forth between threads. I was hoping to avoid that.

I agree with the other posters in the thread. Keep the glib main loop
always running in a thread somewhere, don't use nested glib main loops
(g_main_context_iteration() and friends), do all the heavy work in
other threads, and have them communicate via the glib thread with

You can do this very simple and reliably. For example:

  char *str;

  for(;;) {
    str = g_strdup("hello world!\n");
    g_idle_add(from_worker_cb, str);

from_worker(char *str)
  return FALSE;

I maintain a fairly large (>250kloc) gtk program done in this style,
calling into heavily-threaded, asynchronous libraries, and it works


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