3x3 dungeon representation

Hello everybody,
first of all I apologize in advance for any grammatical errors, but english is not my first language.
I'm trying to develop a small videogame in c++ as a university project.
In this project the main character tries to escape from a dungeon made of 9 rooms disposed in a 3x3 grid. Between each room there is a door that can be opened with keys scattered throughout the map. The core of the project is already made and the game is playable via terminal.
I'm thinking about the best way to represent this graphically with GTK libraries (rooms, charachter, doors, keys and eventually other object disposed random through the map), with a minimal interface and a top view of the dungeon like this (but not so minimal):
 ______ ______ ______
|           |           |          |
|                **    |          |
|__    __|______|______|
|           |           |          |
|    **                           |
|          |           |           |
|          |                **    |

(** = key, blank space = door opened, | or __ = door closed)

My idea was to create a window with multiple containers/boxes (a grid of about 7x7 boxes, not sure already), then:
- In the rooms boxes place an image with the room and the oblect in it (and eventually reload the image with the character move in or without the objects when the player picks themp up).
- In the doors boxes place an image with the opened or closed door and reload it when the pre-existing condition changes.
- In the rooms's divider boxes place an image to represent the wall between the rooms.

Any suggestions or better ideas?
Thanks for your help!
Marco F.

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