Re: How to override theming background image?

Hi Jasper -

We are porting Eclipse SWT to GTK3 and SWT has API to set the background image of a widget.


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The basic question I have is "why do you want to do this"?

On Tue, Apr 2, 2013 at 2:33 PM, Bogdan Gheorghe <gheorghe ca ibm com> wrote:
Hi -

GtkWidget provides API to override the background color defined in the Gtk Theme (
gtk_widget_override_background_color ).

It doesn't seem to provide anything similar to override the background image other than building a CSS stylesheet and using a GtkCssProvider to load it.

Using this approach requires that the image resides somewhere in the filesystem . If you have an image already in memory you can't use it without first saving it out.

Another approach would be to write a custom GtkStyleProvider (similar to the GtkModifierStyle) which provides an override background image function. This approach seems impossible as a portion of the style provider implementation is private (the GtkStyleProviderPrivate interface).

Are there any other options for setting the background image on a widget using an in-memory image?


Bogdan & Silenio

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