Re: Bug 687752 - work with theme authors

On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 6:36 PM, Jasper St. Pierre
<jstpierre mecheye net> wrote:
> I would disagree with you on backwards compatibility, slightly. I think we shouldn't try too hard, but we also now have a clear goal for theme authors: standard CSS. We should obey the goals of the standards, and follow their guidelines about vendor prefixes. When we implement CSS features, we should try to implement them to the letter of the spec, not half-ass it, and if it's not ready, put a vendor prefix behind it.
> That's a guarantee I think we can make for now, which should help signify to theme authors that their work is as volatile as CSS itself.
Oh yes, that is very important and I don't think I ever mentioned it:
We know very well where we want to be when we're done. We know that we
want to define GTK as a set of boxes and we know that these boxes will
conform to the CSS box model and be styled using CSS properties. The
behavior of these properties is specified in the CSS specifications
and conforms to what browsers do for all the standard CSS properties
that we do support.

We are not there yet, but we know where we are going.


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