Re: GTK2 performance issues on low-end computers running X11, but not Win32

You could try puppy Linux. I had good results with that on an ancient laptop a year or two ago. It'll run off a live CD so you don't need to nuke your bsd install. If it's unusable under puppy, gtk2 is probably just unfixably slow. If puppy works quickly enough, it might be worth tweaking your gtk install.

What was the last gtk2 that could build without Cairo? You could try going back to that.

On Monday, 12 March 2012, Daniel Levine <dlev89 hotmail com> wrote:
>> try changing the GTK theme in use. theme engines are generally the
>> source of poor performance in GTK2 applications, unless the app is
>> just exceptionally badly coded.
> I was using the default (Raleigh) engine, which IIRC is supposed to be the fastest. Other supposedly fast GTK2 engines, e.g. Mist, are similarly sluggish. Some applications (Midori, Rox) are faster than others (Abiword, PCManFM) but all of them are slow enough that using them is difficult.
> FWIW the video controller is a Neomagic model, and I'm running it at 16 bit color and 1024x768 resolution (the laptop's native res), using the neomagic driver. I've tried the vesa driver too, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of difference.

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