Re: Using the Look of GTK+ in FLTK

Hello !

>> What would be the easiest way, to achieve that ?
> use GTK, i would guess.

I like FLTK and i would like helping it to look the same way
as QT and GTK+ on nowadays desktop.

Often people write two versions
of their themes, one plugin for QT and one plugin for GTK+ or there are
other plugins available like the GTK-QT-Engine, that is basically a GTK plugin
using QT drawing commands.

Populating a theme and writing three plugins for QT, GTK+ and FLTK
is not an option for me, since most people already have their
favourite theme in one of these toolkits most likely QT and GTK+.

What i would like to do is, if in FLTK someboday calls
Theme::Draw_Box (...) called the actual GTK+ theme function
draw_box (...) into a Gdk Pixbuf and then blit that using FLTK
funtions into the window.

The second step works great.
Now i have to get the first step working, calling the
GTK+ theme function and getting the result into a Gdk PixBuf.

Any examples on how to do that, would be great.

Basically two questions:

1. How to call the theme functions from the actual theme ?
2. How to get the image from a Gtk-Widget/Window to a Gdk Pixbuf ?


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