Re: Question about Glade and application development

Hey Kevin,

You must select the HBox(3) and go to the packing tab. There you must set the "Expand" property to false!

Ian L.

Em 29/07/2012 23:15, "Kevin Anthony" <kevin s anthony gmail com> escreveu:
I'm designing a small single screen front end to a home automation daemon i'm developing. but i'm having a problem with the design and could use some advice

the window is basiclly a Vbox with 2 items, the top item is a HBox(3) with each with a VBox(3) each containing a label, so a 3x3 grid of labels
the bottom of the parent vbox is a Text View. 
I've been trying for several hours to freeze the top box so that when the user expands the window, the bottom box takes up all the available space, with no luck.

i'm really hoping someone can point me in the correct direction on how to do this.

here's the glade file

Kevin Anthony

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