Hello, some of us still care about memory usage


Over three weeks ago I posted a patch to the bug tracker (#680059) that significantly reduces the memory usage of all GTK+ 3.x applications by avoiding creating thousands of duplicate GtkWidgetPath elements. For example, Audacious has an RSS size of 15.7 MB before patching GTK+ but only 13.4 MB after -- that's a reduction of over 2 MB from a single patch.

However, there has been no response whatsoever, from anyone, in those three weeks. Has GTK+ given up on listening to input from application developers? Given the lack of Win32 support, the increased memory usage, and now this silence from the developers, should I just give up on GTK+ 3.x entirely and fork GTK+ 2.x?

Sincerely disappointed,

-- John Lindgren

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