Re: Glib 2.32.x, Win32 and threading

On 7/3/2012 2:59 PM, Martin Schlemmer wrote:
I build my own GTK+ stack with MinGW (TDM-4.6.1) and have been using 2.16
I am not sure I could help but I got interested in the subject since I am
trying to do exactly what you are doing, build gtk stack with MinGW.

This still worked fine, but needing later G-O-I interfaces from WebKit,
I tried to build 1.8 which needs Glib 2.31 or later, so I switched to Glib 2.32.3,
and this is where my problems started.
just today I finally got to the point where I could build glib with success
but I have not tried actually using it yet since I still have a few more items
in the gtk stack.

Looking at the changes between Glib 2.30 and 2.32, I saw the threading was
reworked, and as I was testing on Windows 7, I thought it could be the NT 6.0
I am just curious.  When you built Glib with mingw, did you use the usual
configure, make?  If so, what options and flags did you use for configure?

Damon Register

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