GDBusObjectManagerServer vs GDBusObjectSkeleton path


Not sure if I am on the right list, so just feel free to redirect me
to the right one..

I am migrating from dbus-glib-1 to GDBus, wanting to use high-level 

After some tries, it appears to me that the path of the GDBusObjectSkeleton
*must be below* those of the GDBusObjectManagerServer.

In other terms, where the manual states
"create a new org.freedesktop.DBus.ObjectManager rooted at ...",
this must be understood in the restrictive way that the path of the 
GDBusObjectSkeleton cannot be the same than that of the GDBusObjectManagerServer.

Is it a bug, or just the intended way to use the API ?

At least, the manual should states this restriction more clearly, shouldn't ?


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