GtkBuilder object dependencies

I'm currently porting my application Swami
( from using libglade to GtkBuilder.  In
this application widgets are created on demand, for which I'm using
gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file().  One of the drawbacks of this
function though, seems to be that it does not support loading of
dependencies (GtkAdjustment, GtkModel, etc).  I'd like to have the
dependencies automatically be loaded, rather than trying to keep a
list of object dependencies in sync with the XML file.

Do I need to resort to parsing the XML to determine dependencies at
runtime?  Or does anyone know a way to handle this elegantly in GTK
currently?  If not, perhaps it would be a good thing to add.  Could be
handled with an additional function like
gtk_builder_add_objects_from_file() which automatically loads
dependencies or which calls a callback to resolve the dependency.

Thank you for any thoughts or information on this.

Best regards,

Element Green

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