Re: how to run GIMP in firefox 10.0.2

On 02/28/2012 12:11 AM,  wrote:
> Recently I install GTK+3.2.3 in my ubuntu 11.04 and I want to run
> GIMP(its version is 2.6.11) in the firefox. Unfortunately,I cannot
> implement it.  (The GNome version is 2.32.1). I built the GTK+3.2.3
> with --enable-x11-backend --enable-broadway-backend and enabled the
> network.websocket.enabled and
> network.websocket.override-security-block. When I input
> GDK_BACKEND=broadway  GIMP , the GIMP can work but not in the firefox
> 10.0.2. I think  I must make some mistakes in somewhere ,just I can
> find it .So I hope someone can help me.Thank you.

Does Gimp even use GTK 3 or is it still GTK 2?  Where did you install
your custom GTK 3 libraries to?  Are you sure GIMP is using your new
libraries?  You probably need to use the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment
variable to point gimp at your custom libraries.

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