GTK+ Styling

I am primarily a C developer and right now I have hit what appears to be two major road blocks with gtk+. I AM NOT USING GTK3, I am using GTk2.XXXXX

       First I added opacity to my window via the gtk_window_set_opacity(). I am using this gui application soley for a menu bar and a treeview. I love the transparency effect but I have no idea how to make it so the transparency only applies to the window and not the font in the cells of the treeview on the window. I want the window to be slightly opaque and the font to be displayed normally. Right now this function makes everything opaque.

       Second I successfully ported the application from my linux development workstation to a windows workstation. It looks wonderful on linux but horrible on windows. I see references to the
possiblity of themeing all over google for gtk but I couldn't find any examples that involved finding a theme and loading it with C.

      I am under tight time constraints and almost considering using a different gui api even though I've come fairly far with this app. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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