Re: Tree structure for a win32 application deployment

Hi Manuel,

On 10 February 2012 13:23, Manuel Ferrero <mferrero reer it> wrote:
> have one more question on this topic: right now I can have my application
> work by placing the application .exe file in the bin directory along with
> all the gtk toolkit executables.
> I'm not satisfied by this and I'd like to have a different tree:

You can remove all of the gtk .exes, you just need to leave the .dlls
behind. The only one you might need to leave is the spawn helper (I
think). If you're not spawning child processes with glib then you can
remove this one too.

In any case, why does this matter? Your users will (I guess) be
clicking a shortcut icon to launch your app, they won't know or care
what other programs are in the same directory.


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