Re: GtkBuilder and GtkTextView buffer text

At 12:52am -0500 Thu, 13 Dec 2012, Tristan Van berkom wrote:
Your Glade file does not declare any GtkTextBuffer (so you need to
add a text buffer in your Glade file and set the 'buffer' property
of that view to refer to that buffer)... so view.get_buffer() returns

Huh. That's not what I am seeing when I piddle around with IPython. The docs suggest that if I don't supply one, one is created automatically. I'm having a difficult time finding the documentation for this version of the Python bindings.

For reference:

  $ python3 --version
  Python 3.2.3

  $ cat | python3
  from gi.repository import Gtk
  3 4

However, I think this is the C backend function:

  "If you don't call gtk_text_view_set_buffer() before using the
   text view, an empty default buffer will be created for you."

Am I missing a nuance there? With both an embedded shell at the problem point and with print() statements, it /looks/ like the get_buffer() function ...

  # self.vText is a reference to the GtkTextView object
  #   I have yet to put anything in the view's buffer.  Now:
  buf = self.vText.get_buffer()
  print( type(buf) )
  print( buf )

... returns an instantiated object:

  <class 'gi.overrides.Gtk.TextBuffer'>
  <TextBuffer object at 0x34fb410 (GtkTextBuffer at 0x2788ec0)>

Unfortunately, the department of "It's not working!" is telling me otherwise.

So, I of course tried your suggestion of putting this in my Glade XML file:

  <object class="GtkTextBuffer" id="bText"/>
  <object class="GtkTextView" id="vText">
   <property name="can_focus">False</property>
   <property name="wrap_mode">word</property>
   <property name="buffer">bText</property>

Same issue: a core dump immediately after returning to C after calling set_text on the buffer.

So ... am I missing something else?  (Very possible!)

Perhaps the object as understood by Python is not indicative of the actual C backed GtkTextBuffer, and I need to specifically instantiate one for it? (If so, why?!)

A suggestion:

Don't keep your GtkBuilder object alive for your program lifetime,
just create it in your constructor, save and *check* all the objects
you might need at construction time and then refer to those objects
as instance  members throughout your object's lifetime.

All good points, and well taken. Thank you for sharing. I was mainly thinking along the lines of showing what I had tried because I'm so very new to Gtk. I.e., less about "quality" and more about making sure the list saw all my little oversights. (Like the lack of a GtkTextBuffer.

Thanks so much for your help!


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