Re: Building GTK+ from scratch on Linux

Hi Kevin, From what I can see, yes, the source of your problem is that there is already a "glib-genmarshal" binary present on your system, and the script tries to use this one. Probably, you do not install your builds to standard "/usr", but rather to "/opt" or "/usr/local" to avoid destroying existing GLib & GTK+. If yes, you have to put your personal "bin" in the PATH with first priority, because GTK+ build process needs "glib-genmarshal", "glib-compile-resources", etc. Theorically, your should have done the same with personal "include" (CFLAGS) and personal "lib" (LDFLAGS). I recently built GTK+ and had to do it, too.
Tarnyko Kevin Connor Arpe writes:
I am building GTK+ from scratch on Linux.  I am very, very close.  All
dependencies are built, but I am seeing an odd error in the final GTK+
GLib-Genmarshal-WARNING **: failed to open "--valist-marshallers": No such
file or directory
Fortunately, I found this old message on gtk-list:
Digging deep, I see Ian Liu Rodrigues suggested:
And what about `which glib-genmarshal'? Does it point to the correct binary
compiled by you?
I checked my build: Ian was right.  The tool glib-genmarshal was being run
from /usr/bin, instead of my local build dir ($HOME/saveme/gtk3).  Since I
am running Debian, the base install includes GLib 2.24.2.  AFAIK: Older
versions of GLib do not support the arg --valist-marshallers for
I checked the GTK+ configure script.  I do not see an override for this
issue.  To complete the build of GTK+, I am changing my PATH env var:
export PATH=$HOME/saveme/gtk3/bin:$PATH
In my experience with open source, this seems a bit odd.  Am I doing the
right thing?  Or should there be an override available in GTK+ configure
Finally, I have a personal policy to contribute docs back to open source
projects after I get help with issues on mailing lists.  This helps others
to avoid the same issues in the future.  I would like to contribute a HOWTO
to build GTK+ from scratch. Where would be the best to contribute?
A little background info for this mail:
Here are the packages I have built from scratch.  Where possible, I use
these configure args: --enable-introspection=yes --enable-gtk-doc
    ATK 2.6:
    AT-SPI2-ATK 2.7.2:
    AT-SPI2 Core 2.7.2:
    Cairo 1.12.8:
    FreeType 2.4.10:
    Gdk-Pixbuf 2.26:
    GLib 2.34:
    GObject Introspection 1.34.2:
    GTK+ 3.6:
    HarfBuzz 0.9.7:
    Pango 1.32:
Pixman 0.28.0: Many thanks in advance.
Kind regards,
Kevin Connor ARPE

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