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On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 12:44 PM, Mike Gran <spk121 yahoo com> wrote:
> Hi-
> So I'm taking my first stab as using GLIB for an application, and I
> thought I'd give you a hopefully useful first observation on the GIO
> docs.  'cause if this is what I did, somebody else did this, too.
> It is not at all clear how to do the following in GIO style
> FILE *fp = fopen("file", "r");
> fread (buf, size, nitems, fp);
> Here's what I did. I opened up the GIO Refernce manual page, saw a
> section called "GFile— File and Directory Handling", looked for functions
> onreading files, saw g_file_load_contents and g_file_read.
> I rejected g_file_load_contents because my file's pretty big, so I
> clicked on g_file_read.  It returns a GFileInputStream, so I clicked
> on that to see what I can do with that.  It takes me to a "GFileInputStream"
> section.  None of the functions in there (g_file_input_stream_query_info, etc)
> actually read data.
> So I went back to the top GIO Reference Manual page, noticed
> "Migrating to GIO" section, looked in the examples "Migrating from GnomeVFS"
> "Migrating from GConf", which aren't helpful, and gave up.
> (Yeah, I know I could google or whatever for the info.  I'm
> not asking for help here; I'm just offering my first impression.)
> So two suggestions for helping newbies.
> - in the GFileInputStream section, cross-reference other functions that can
>  operate on GFileInputStreams
> - in the "Migrating to GIO" section, consider writing a section called
>   "Migrating from ISO C Streams" or whatever.

This is sort of a problem with gtk-doc. You just have to know about
the inheritance diagram. GFileInputStream is-a GInputStream.
g_input_stream_read is probably what you're looking for.

> Thanks, and keep up the good work,
> Mike
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