New spin button look

Dear all,

I recently upgraded to Gtk 3.4 and have been re-building some of my programs with it. I've noticed the new spin button look, with a '+' and a '-' button next to each other instead of up and down arrow buttons on top of each other. I can see that this new look works well in some applications and has a nice feel to it. However, in what I'm doing it looks _really_ bad -- the two buttons next to each other make it take up far too much space and look really clunky, whilst the '+' and '-' icons make it all look far too cartooney.

Is there any way to make spin buttons in the latest Gtk, which look more along the lines of the way they used to? I know that I can change the icons via the theme, but that still leaves the fact that they are next to each other and much larger than they used to be.


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