Re: Compiling glib2.32.1 for windows

Sergei Steshenko <sergstesh yahoo com> a écrit :

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>> Le 25/04/2012 19:06, Sergei Steshenko a écrit :
>>>  Have you tried -> -> glib ?
>>>  you absolutely need to do this under Windows ? Regards,   Sergei. 
>> It seems to build glib 2.28.8, I need 2.30+ to build farstream. Bur
>> would have been a good solution.
>> -- 
>> Yann
>Being in your shoes I first would try to build glib-2.28.8 and, if it
>works, hack the Makefile of the tool - just change glib version.
>AFAIR, the tool also contains MD5 (or similar) sums, so this need to be
>hacked too. The checksums are listed on download sites (
>Everything is pretty straightforward.
>If, by any chance, glib-2.30+ needs a package missing in the suite,
>then you are in trouble.
>According to my "records", glib-2.24.2 (the latest I build for Linux)
>needs gettext, libiconv, pcre - maybe there are no new dependencies in
>  Sergei.

I'll give it a try when i'll go back home in about 10 days. Thanks for the link. Maybe before than latest glib will be compiled on ... :-)

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