Re: rsvg_handle_render_cairo not rendering text path.

Thanks Jean.

Confirmed, it is a bug.
I opened the file in Gimp and get the same results, text path NOT rendered.


Derek Noffke

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Subject: Re: rsvg_handle_render_cairo not rendering text path.

Looks like a bug, not win32 related. Might be


Le mercredi 25 avril 2012 à 19:04 +0200, Derek Noffke (PurpleSwift) a
écrit :
I am using librsvg-2-2 with libcairo-2 on a win32 system.
I have used Inkscape to create a sample SVG file containing several
graphics elements.  (Attached)
Only the text on path does not render.   help please.


Derek Noffke

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