Re: GTK TreeView control in Windows (DND issue)

On Thursday, September 15, 2011 1:56 PM, "John Emmas"
<johne53 tiscali co uk> wrote:
> In gtk-win32, when 'key' == "gtk-drag-dest" (and the drag destination is
> a TreeView) 'g_datalist_id_get_data()' returns NULL.  This is where my
> understanding of GTK comes to a halt.  Obviously there's some kind of
> data list which is supposed to contain some data relating to the quark. 
> The quark (apparently) has a valid value but the data isn't there.
> Presumably, datalists are generic containers which contain different
> kinds of data in different circumstances.  So I'd need to liaise with
> someone who'd know what kind of data the list should contain.  Hopefully,
> somewhone who might be able to make a guess at why it isn't there. 
> Anyone know how to proceed from here...?

As you say, this is a generic setting. More precisely, it's just a way
to associate a particular memory address with a GObject and a key for
later retrieval. I'd search the code for "gtk-drag-dest" and in
particular for the matching g_object_set_data() call...


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