Re: pygtk: gtk.CellRendererText().set_property(...) and pango markup (HTML)

On 09/08/2011 10:43 PM, Paul Davis wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 8, 2011 at 4:15 PM, Marek Kozlowski <kozlowsm mini pw edu pl> wrote:
>> :-)
>> I've been reading documentation several times and I cannot find it :-(
>> I call:
>>        cell = gtk.CellRendererText ()
>>        cell.set_property ('cell-background', '#eeeeee')
>>        cell.set_property (....
>> I'd like all text rendered using this CellRendererText object to be
>> interpreted as an HTML, that is all <b>, <i> etc to change style of the
>> text between such tags. What property does it? 'markup' is described
>> quite misteruoisly :-(
> not at all.

Great. But there is no information howa can I sat it up for
CellRendererText -- what property and to what value shoul I set:
`"markup"	Write	Marked up text to render. Default: None'

Some widgets, for example: Label allow interpreting the text do display
as a HTML via gtk.Label.set_markup (). I mean: there are HTML tags in
the _content_.
I expect some cell content to contain <b>, <i> etc tags. I can't force
CellRendererText to interpret them :-(

Best regards,

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