GLib 2.29.90

GLib 2.29.90 is ready.

    95af3f46a40ad1a3ecfe75db59b27956b256c4ad02f000be2aa13c7abd32fba3  glib-2.29.90.tar.xz

I consider this to be (almost) a release candidate.

There is probably a bug in GSettings that is causing lots of problems
with gnome-settings-daemon that will need to be fixed before the next
cycle.  Other than that, we're more or less frozen -- it should mostly
be docs and translations in the next release.

There are two API breaks in this release with respect to the previous.
One is a rename and the other is simple removal of a function that was
only added in the last micro release.  See below.

Overview of changes from GLib 2.29.18 to 2.29.90

* API/ABI changes:
 - unix signal watches now match the API of all of the other sources
 - revert the addition of g_date_time_source_new () from last release

* networking and other fixes for Solaris
 - we no longer support symbolic port names (ie: from /etc/services)
 - check if -lsocket is needed
 - fix g_socket_details_from_fd()
 - avoid getmntinfo
 - fix some harmless warnings

* GDateTime improvements:
 - generally improved standards compliance (with C99)
 - support C99-specified format strings: %g, %G, %V, %c, %C, %w
 - consult the locale for the preferred 12-hour time format (%r)
 - drop support for non-standard %N and broken %W
 - better support for formatting non-POSIX (eg: Arabic) numerals
 - locale-related test case fixups, and fix some leaks

* GTlsInteraction: add interaction method invocation guarantees

* gdbus-codegen: post-process all interfaces when parsing >1 file

* make GMainLoop, GMainContext and GSource boxed types

* fix a race condition in the first use of g_get_monotonic_time()

* lots gtk-doc cleanups

* better intltool compatibility when generating pot file

* avoid GCC-specific compiler options when not using GCC

* Translation updates:
 Brazilian Portuguese
 Canadian English
 Norwegian bokmål

Thanks to everyone who helped:
 Alexandre Franke
 Andika Triwidada
 Aurimas Černius
 Changwoo Ryu
 Chun-wei Fan
 Dan Winship
 Daniel Nylander
 Duarte Loreto
 Fran Dieguez
 Ihar Hrachyshka
 Javier Jardón
 Jorge González
 Kjartan Maraas
 Matthias Clasen
 Og B. Maciel
 Patrick Welche
 Pavel Holejsovsky
 Stef Walter
 Tomas Bzatek
 Will Thompson


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