GObject Introspection annotation doesn't work for container type

I've filed bug #657743, because I have an struct with a GSList to contain another struct type element. I've added (element-type Gda.SqlSelectTarget) annotation to gtk-doc as shown, but generated GIR doesn't set ctype: to GdaSqlSelectFrom, instead use gpointer.

 * GdaSqlSelectFrom:
 * @any: inheritance structure
 * @targets: (element-type Gda.SqlSelectTarget): list of #GdaSqlSelectTarget
 * @joins: (element-type Gda.SqlSelectJoin): list of #GdaSqlSelectJoin
 * This structure represents the FROM clause of a SELECT statement, it lists
targets and joins
struct _GdaSqlSelectFrom
    GdaSqlAnyPart    any;
    GSList          *targets;
    GSList          *joins;

    /*< private >*/
    /* Padding for future expansion */
    gpointer         _gda_reserved1;
    gpointer         _gda_reserved2;

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