Re: GtkContainer Gtk 3.0 vs Gtk 3.2 geometry management

2011/10/19 Tristan Van Berkom <tvb gnome org>
Note I spent a lot of time writing something like this last year.

I would like to eventually port it into GTK+ as the internal implementation
of the GtkToolPalette.


Thanks for answer!
But in your example same problem!
If you pack wrapbox directly in to frame (without scrolled_window)
then, you can not change the height of the window to smaller than it was at the start.

look at screenshots
this is window after start
and this is
after changing the width of the window, it should allow to reduce its height, because there are many free space, but it does not.

With GTK3.0 i use little trick for that,
i store maximum allowed width in private variable, and in function
i always calculate height not for minimum width but for stored width.

There is how it looks like
    public override void get_preferred_height_for_width (int width,out int minimum_height, out int natural_height) {

        /*workaround for min_height, if actual available width more than self minimum width*/
        if( this.minimum_width!=width ||
        !(this.minimum_width==width && this.natural_width >= width) ){

        this._get_preferred_height_for_width(this.natural_width,out minimum_height, out natural_height);
        this.natural_height = natural_height;

where this.natural_width is stored maximum width.
Because get_preferred_height_for_width called several times , first time for minimum width, others for allocated width,
and because while i resizing window, gtk always recalculate size , in gtk3.0 my window always have actual size.

As i'm understand, problem appears because of the following changes in gtkcontainer.c in GTK3.2

+typedef struct {
+  gint hfw;
+  gint wfh;
+} RequestModeCount;
+static void
+count_request_modes (GtkWidget        *widget,
+             RequestModeCount *count)
+  GtkSizeRequestMode mode = gtk_widget_get_request_mode (widget);
+  switch (mode)
+    {
+      count->hfw++;
+      break;
+      count->wfh++;
+      break;
+    default:
+      break;
+    }
+static GtkSizeRequestMode
+gtk_container_get_request_mode (GtkWidget *widget)
+  GtkContainer        *container = GTK_CONTAINER (widget);
+  GtkContainerPrivate *priv      = container->priv;
+  /* Recalculate the request mode of the children by majority
+   * vote whenever the internal content changes */
+  if (_gtk_widget_get_width_request_needed (widget) ||
+      _gtk_widget_get_height_request_needed (widget))
+    {
+      RequestModeCount count = { 0, 0 };
+      gtk_container_forall (container, (GtkCallback)count_request_modes, &count);
+      if (!count.hfw && !count.wfh)
+    priv->request_mode = GTK_SIZE_REQUEST_CONSTANT_SIZE;
+      else
+    priv->request_mode = count.wfh > count.hfw ?
+    }
+  return priv->request_mode;

so, container will recalculate it size only if
  if (_gtk_widget_get_width_request_needed (widget) ||
      _gtk_widget_get_height_request_needed (widget))

because of that, my trick don't working with GTK 3.2,
so, my question is, how to force the container/window  to recalculate its size in gtk 3.2 ?

i try to use set_size_request and queue_resize (for container and for window),
but this functions don't help.

I hope I have clearly described their thoughts.


On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 3:09 PM, Denis Linvinus <linvinus gmail com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> i'm writing new GtkContainer which allocate children, firstly horizontally,
> then vertically. - HVBox.
> On gtk 3.0 it works without problems (with little trick), but with gtk 3.2.
> window don't change height when container change, until i move mouse above
> my container.
> My idea is that my container should use minimum space as possible, but
> enough to show all children.
> If available width not enough for children then container should increase
> height  for second line, and so on.
> Something like multiline tabs in firefox. (children is a buttons)
> There is my sources (i use valac --pkg gtk+-3.0
> -C ./main.vala to compile)
> image with  explanation of the problem
> there is two control buttons (add, remove) in one VBox, all other buttons
> in my HVBox container.
> As you can see at last screenshot, i lost two buttons after resize window on
> Gtk3.2, if i move mouse on buttons again then window will change it height ,
> so that the lost buttons will be visible.
> I'm check, problem is not in vala, i use generated *.c from ubuntu 11.10 to
> compile on Ubuntu 11.04 without modifications, and it also works correctly.
> May be someone know how to force window to recalculate size?
> Or some other method to resolve my problem?
> My system ubuntu 11.10
> libgtk-3-0  3.2.0-0ubuntu3
> Ubuntu 11.04 for Gtk 3.0
> libgtk-3-0  3.0.8-0ubuntu1
> I will appreciate for any help.
> p.s. sorry for my English.
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