Re: error "configure: WARNING: GTK dependencies not met."

On Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 09:16:54AM -0400, Earnie wrote:
> I'm guessing that since you've used --prefix=$HOME/local on your module
> dependent on gtk+ which resides in /usr/local that configure isn't
> finding it.  Maybe --with-sysroot=/usr/local will help but IDK if it will.

If pkg-config can find the libraries when run manually it should also
find them when run from configure (if PKG_CONFIG_PATH is exported).  I
have never had to use --with-sysroot, and the less it should be
necessary for something like /usr/local.

> The other option is to use --prefix=/usr/local on the configure and make
> and then set DESTDIR on install, as in ``make DESTDIR=$HOME/local
> install'', which is what I would do.

Resulting in a broken installation.  The purpose of DESTDIR is to
relocate the software temporarily into a different place than where it
is supposed to be installed – namely for packaging.  The software is
*not* expected to work if installed there.  It is expected to be moved
to the configure-d location eventually.


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