CSS on gtk3 is cosuming lot of memory, how to reduce it???

I implemented an application which is based on gtk+-3.0.
I am facing an issue related to memory the gtk+-3.0 css theming is consuming.
Intial css takes 5 MB extra, then when I load other css in run time, it takes extar 5MB each.
So each time a css loaded, it takes eaxtra 5MB.
The  memory is not reduced even if a particular css  goes outof scope. It should remove previos css.
I use GTK+3.0.6 and tried with GTK+3.2.0( which says about optimization of  css )
If anybody can share their view and suggestions to reduce the memory, It would be really helpful.
I used the css using import method. I also tried to put a css using dynamic loading method through cssprovider but memory did not reduce and its consuming almost same memory.
Please Let me know if anyone is using the css by any other methods.

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