reserve screen space / prevent overlapping

Hi list,

I am trying to port from Gtk+2 to Gtk+3 using Python (PyGobject Introspection)

I am trying to find the equivalent of:
"CARDINAL", 32, gtk.gdk.PROP_MODE_REPLACE, [0,0,24,0])

which i used to reserve screen space (24 pix at bottom of screen).

In Gtk+3 the Gtk.Window() does not have a "window" attribute and
nowhere do i find the gdk_property_change() method equivalent in the
Gdk modules (which i would expect to be Gdk.property_change(), in fact
the property_delete() and property_get() are listed).

How to change the Gdk window properties with PyGI to reserve screen space?
Could a binding be missing? Or do i miss some library?
Anyone has an idea?


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