Re: notebook in Glade

On 19/05/11 09:36, zombo wrote:
> In glade, notebook has three tabs with three labels named label1, 2, 3.
> so, we call it and only page3 is displayed.
> I can't minus tab num in glade or make page1 display at first, so, how
> to ?
> thanks

Hi zombo,

The reason this is happening, is that there is no gtk.Widget inside any
of the tabs.

Therefore GTK does show any of the tabs.

However because a Notebook has to have at least one tab to exist, it
just shows the last one.

To make all the tabs appear, just put a gtk.Widget in them, and then
they should appear.

(To remove tabs in Glade, just right-click the 'tab' and click 'Remove

Hope this helps,


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