Re: How to handle focus for treeview cells?

I found this function in GTK doc:

void gtk_cell_area_add_focus_sibling(GtkCellArea *area,
                                     GtkCellRenderer *renderer,
                                     GtkCellRenderer *sibling);

Adds sibling to renderer's focusable area, focus will be drawn around
renderer and all of its siblings if renderer can focus for a given row.

Events handled by focus siblings can also activate the given focusable

That is exactly what I am looking for. But it is implemented for
GtkCellArea only, but for GtkTreeView.

The questing is do developers plan to implement same focus handling for
GtkTreeView as well?

В Чтв, 21/04/2011 в 15:38 +0400, Andrew E. Makeev пишет:
> I am using TreeView with my custom ListStore model to show grid with
> data. Each column represented at least with 2 CellRenderers:
> - first CellRenderePixbuf
> - second CellRendererText (Toggle, Progress, etc)
> In some cases I am packing 1 more CellRenderer into TreeViewColumn to
> handle something like html link navigation between forms with data.
> The problem is that I cannot disable focus moving and drawing for each
> cell, instead of moving/drawing for whole column.
> I've been looking at docs and read that is_activatable() == false and/or
> property_mode() == INERT should be responsible for focus behavior, but
> could not get it working properly anyway.
> Could someone give me example or point where to look at (sources, docs)
> to fix focus navigation in TreeView, please?
> thanks in advance,
> ----------------------
> Installed Component versions:
> atk-2.0.0
> atkmm-2.22.5
> cairo-1.10.2
> cairomm-1.9.8
> fontconfig-2.8.0
> gdk-pixbuf-2.22.1
> glib-2.28.5
> glibmm-2.28.0
> gtk+-3.0.8
> gtkmm-3.0.0
> libsigc++-2.2.9
> pango-1.28.4
> pangomm-2.28.2
> pixman-0.20.2
Andrew E. Makeev <andrew solvo ru>
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