Re: Problem editing treeview cell from popup menu

Nevermind, I solved it by using set_cursor_on_cell() instead of set_cursor().

On Thu, May 12, 2011 at 7:54 AM, Micah Carrick <micah quixotix com> wrote:
> I have a treeview which has files and folder. Folders are editable,
> files are not. This is set using the "editable" attribute on the
> treeview column. So users can click-to-edit the folders. Now I also
> have a popup menu with "Rename" which should start editing the folder.
> This is the code that does that:
> def _begin_edit_at_iter(self, model, tree_iter):
>    path = model.get_path(tree_iter)
>    parent_iter = model.iter_parent(tree_iter)
>    if parent_iter:
>        self._treeview.expand_to_path(path)
>    column = self._treeview.get_column(0)
>    self._treeview.grab_focus()
>    self._treeview.set_cursor(path, column, True)
> This does not work until a cell has been edited once using the
> click-to-edit method. Once any cell has been edited once, only then
> does the Rename menu work. And it works on any cell throughout the
> lifetime of the application. Any ideas why it does not work initially?

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