[devhelp] Generate devhelp files only


earlier this day I asked on the gnome-devtools list about a gtk-doc / devhelp issue but I got redirected here.
My problem is:
I download the GTK+ 3 tarball from the GNOME FTP server and copy the documentation out of the extracted archive to some location (doc/reference/{gtk,gdk}/html). Now I want to generate the .devhelp2 files somehow. A run of make in docs/reference will do this but also rebuilds all the documentation of course and that's inefficient. I already tried to use the gtkdoc-* applications manually but I only managed to generate sgml and xml files but not the over all desired devhelp file ;(.
So, my question is, how do I generate the devhelp files without building all the documenation?

Thanks in advance,
Aljosha Papsch

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